Christmas Tree Decoration – Ball

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share some tips on doing Christmas tree decorations. A while ago my friend asked me to prepare some tutorial for the mom&kids. But – she told me – you knew I did not have much fancy stuff. When I think a little bit I got it clear that this is going to be not an easy task – do not use smart helpers and make it simple for the small crafty hands. I have tried. Here what I came up with.


The ball with Christmas tree  and snow inside 🙂

IMG_1544 As my friend does not shop special craft store, I decided to go with ingredients which can be easily found in local craft store, for example, Michael’s

IMG_1470 Here we have:

Two halves of plastic ball

Pack of snow

Double sided paper, in my case it is Santa Express from Doodlebug

Matching ribbon (make sure you have very thin 1/4″ and wider 1/2″ )

Glossy Accent from Ranger (I used this glue, because it is clear after drying)

Martha Stewart tree branch punch (optional)

Hot glue gun (to glue ribbon bows)

Template of Christmas tree (You can use any one. Google it, there is various types and shapes. But make sure your tree is 2″ high if you use ball 3″ in diameter)

Let’s start from gluing the snow inside of the ball.


Using your glossy accent put dots of glue inside both part of the ball and dust it with snow


Right after dusting put leftovers of the snow back to bag (jar) and leave the halves aside to dry for 10 minutes.

Prepare your tree. Have your template ready to cut 3 trees of the same size. Don’t blame me, but I cut my on Cricut using Damask Decor cartridge. 🙂 After cutting score two of them in the middle to glue together with third.


Now glue the edge of tree and press together with regular, not-folded tree. I used ruler to press. You will need less than 1 min for gloss to dry.

IMG_1485 IMG_1487

Do same with second folded tree and glue it from the other side of not-folded tree.


Here we have 3D tree ready.


It perfectly fits to the 3″ ball.


I would recommend you to add some snow to the tree too, by spotting some glue on the sides of the tree and dusting it with snow.

IMG_1498 Here comes the most tricky part. We have to put our tree inside of the ball with snow, ribbon and gloss. I wanted my tree to fly inside the ball. That’s why I punched a whole in the top of the tree.

IMG_1499 IMG_1501

and made small bow with thin ribbon


Plus I tied a knot 1/2″ higher on the bow to secure my tree outside of the ball and have a hanger and added a little snow into other half.


Than I added small glossy dots inside of the ball


and carefully put together haves of the ball, holding ribbon outside.


Last details: I punched 8 branches, glued 4 of them from one side of the hanger, and 4 from another. I made two red bows and in the same way glued them with hot glue gun to both sides of the ball near hanger.

IMG_1530 IMG_1534

Here we go!  (said Valentyna and spent 45 min trying to take a good picture of it)



I will be happy to see photos of your decorations and will post them here 🙂 . Send it to

Have a great crafty day!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Decoration – Ball

  1. Veronika Galenko says:

    Ты меня покорила:-) и мастер классом и тем, что у вас легко купить пластиковую заготовку для шара:-)

    • Valentyna says:

      2 долляра и она ваша 🙂 У нас еще шары (snowballs) разборные есть. Только что-то у меня настроения на них нет 🙁

  2. Kat says:

    да.. у нас днем с огнем не сыщешь всякие такие штучки!
    классный шар !

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