Shawl for my Friend

Sharing a shawl I made time ago for my friend. We met in the music college, when we both were studying looks like in the past life :0.  After long time leaving in a different part of this big world, we’ve met again here, in GTA and, honestly saying, we are enjoying being friend, as well as our kids. That’s a kind of prehistory for knitting this shawl.
I spent quite a lot of time to knit it. I find one of the oldest pattern in my mom’s old magazine and had some trouble with reading. But it turned out really nice and hope Elena is going to enjoy it.

IMG_0543Thank you for dropping by!
Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Shawl for my Friend

    • Valentyna says:

      You are so kind Hannelie 🙂 It is my third shawl and not many projects knitted before it.
      Thank you!

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