Christmas Humbugs

Christmas HumbugsHello!
Even though weather decided to play a strange game with us, bringing sunny and really warm days in the middle of November, I am getting ready for “the most wonderful time of the year” :). Every year I make some decoration for the Christmas Tree. I think in 10 years or so we will need at least three Christmas tree to find a place for all my creations. But for now there is plenty of space and I work hard with passion to fill all the gaps on our Costco tree. And here is the latest ones. Humbugs by Faby Reilly. Frankly speaking, I bought these designs one year ago form Creative Poppy and they waited long to be stitched.
First one is with magnificent poinsettias, touch of metallic threads and gold Mill Hill beads.
IMG_5483Another has holly all over, same metallic threads , but with no beads. I simply forgot to add them, and realized that when all sewing and filling was finished.
IMG_5479Planning to make few more cross stitched pieces this year. Probably if I can stretch my day a little bit more. Anyone knows how to do that? Really need good recipe 🙂
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One thought on “Christmas Humbugs

  1. Michele F says:

    OH how adorable!!! You are so very talented, Valentyna!!! I’d love to see a photo of your tree after it is decorated with all of your creations! Please share?
    =] Michele

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