PTI Scissor Case

Scissor Case with PTI die setHello everyone!
Haven’t been here lately and haven’t visited your lovely blogs. Sorry for that.  … But I have a great excuse – we are in process of buying a house and it takes all my time and all my nerves too 🙂 Hope in few weeks all the paper work would be done and I can return to my lovely stamps and inks.
For today I have scissor case I made quick, in one hour, using PTI scissor die kit.
IMG_6019Haven’t thought it could be such a big fun! Just die-cut all the details from felt, sewed it with DMC embroidery floss. Yes, few tiny beads for a tasty look and here we go, scissor case is ready!
Now I want to have more those stitched dies 🙂


3 thoughts on “PTI Scissor Case

  1. Michele F says:

    Hi Valentyna! I’ve been away on vacation, and SO out of practice, too! I LOve your little scissors case – the paper will wait for you! Enjoy this journey – so many things to think about, right? Good luck!

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